Wednesday, October 27, 2010

dwp architects: everrich 2 apartments

the 'everrich 2' apartments by dwp architects
all images courtesy dwp architects

the 'everrich 2' apartments by vietnamese dwp architects is a housing complex which
measures 630,000 square meters, and reaches a height of 37 storeys. in total,
there are 3,100 apartment units ranging from 120 to 250 square meters each,
with two floors of mixed retail and public space on the ground level. the project aims to be
a self-sustaining community in district 7, ho chi minh city, and construction has already
begun with approval from local authorities.

the 'everrich 2' apartments at night

the 'everrich 2' apartments

in its concept phase the building's form was influenced a single continuous loop, or a mobius
strip. the mammoth structure was softened into the shape of an undulating organic wave,
creating different views, sun angles and breeze flows throughout. the final design is still true to
the intentions of the original concept, offering various styles of dwelling units and many
opportunities for different kinds of glazing and natural landscaping.

detail of gardens
dwp’s green strategies, such as precast concrete and maximization of local masonry, are all
included in the project. the architects produced a design that maintained good views
from all apartments and incorporated a number of sustainable details including natural ventilation,
sky gardens, green roofs and lavational shading treatments that will make the building very efficient
in terms of energy usage.

a view from a distance

standing in an open, fairly uninhabited part of district 7, this building will be an example
of living on a grand scale in vietnam.

detail of the roof gardens

aerial view

a pool on one side of the roof

the inside garden, consists of pools and sporting fields

project info:
project name: the everrich 2 apartments
location: phu thuan ward, district 7, ho chi min city
client: phat dat real estate development corporation
principal architect: dwp vietnam
m&e engineers: pme
c&s engineers: ace
contractor: coteccon
construction start: january 2010
scheduled completion date:february 2012
building height (m): 129 m
building height (storeys): 37 storeys
gross floor area:639,500 m2
site area: 112,585 m2

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